Testimonials by PGA tour associates and golf professionals

Chip Beck – 4 PGA Tour Victories

“Tim has been my friend for almost 40 years. From college roommates to competitors on the PGA Tour, Tim has experienced first hand the rigors of playing golf for a living at the highest levels. Throughout his career players have respected and marveled at his unique abilities to strike the golf ball with Hogan-esque precision. This invaluable experience, dogged determination, along with his understanding of the psychology of the game allows Tim’s personal charm and storytelling abilities to be the best source for improving and enjoying your game in the country today.”

Ben Crenshaw – 19 PGA Tour wins, member of the world golf hall of fame

“Tim Simpson has been a friend of mine, as well as a fellow competitor, for many decades now, and he has turned his efforts to teaching the game of golf as a business. I would certainly listen Tim’s directives with respect to hitting the ball – he made it look so simple and repeating – the results of which were square, solid golf shots that found the mark of the fairway and the green. I am also sure that he can help any of his respective pupils in order to improve his or her game.”

Mark Calcavecchia – 13 PGA Tour Victories

Mark_Calcavecchia_2008“I have known Tim Simpson for close to 30 years. During that time we played several rounds of golf together (like 100) and I can honestly say Tim could hit the golf ball with the best of all time. I was always amazed at how many of his shots went straight at the flag. Obviously Tim knows a whole lot about the golf swing and the game of golf in general. If Tim tells you something about the swing or the game you better pay attention because you will learn something.

Also Tim is one of the most personal guys you will ever meet, he is super funny, has a ton of great stories and is just plain easy going and easy to be around.

As Tim moves on with his career with outings and instruction, I strongly urge you to work with him. Not only will you learn about golf but you will have a GREAT time doing it and spending time with him. I have been very lucky to have known Tim for 30 years and consider him a true friend. Hopefully after working with Tim you will feel the same way I do.”

Dan Forsman – 5 PGA Tour Victories

“To say Tim Simpson knows the golf swing would be a major understatement. His flawless ball striking throughout his PGA Tour career, has come through his thorough understanding of the vital fundamentals of the swing. His ability to implement those fundamentals and trust them, were keys to his success and reputation as one of the very best PGA Tour professionals. Tim has a keen eye, great passion, and exceptional understanding of what makes the golf ball go in the desired direction. Tim’s passion for competitive golf is being brought to his teaching of the game. You will feel it! There is no doubt that you will be learning at the feet of truly great instructor. Enjoy the journey!”

Mark O’Meara – 16 PGA Tour Victories

OMeara“I have known Tim Simpson for over thirty years and would have to say that Tim always stood out as a wonderful ball striker and a player that has always tried to improve in all areas of the game!!!
Tim’s ability to drive the ball well and hit laser like iron shots helped him to have a very successful career. I believe anyone would improve their swing and game with the guidance of Tim Simpson!!! ”

All my Best!!

Loren Roberts – 8 PGA Tour Victories

I have known and watched Tim play the PGA Tour and Champions Tour for 30 years. He has always been a wonderfully consistent and talented striker of the ball and student of the game. His immense knowledge of the game, played at it’s highest level, allows him to be a wonderful teacher, and I know that he would be able to help anyone with their development of their own skills for the game of golf.”

Hal Sutton – 14 PGA Tour Victories

“Tim has been a student of the game for a long time, and has used what he has learned to succeed at the highest level of professional golf. Along with knowing what he is talking about, he has excellent communication skills. Anyone would be well served spending time with Tim and incorporating his knowledge into their own game.”

Mike Reid – 2 PGA Tour Victories

“I have known Tim Simpson since we competed against each other in college. From those days to the present he has been a faithful friend. I knew early on that he had a keen eye when it came to golf. He could spot very subtle changes in my swing. I have always been impressed with Tim’s ability to make a golf ball behave. I didn’t realize how much he knew about the swing until he worked with my son.

In that setting he would refer to books that he had read, teachers he had worked with, and players he had studied and interviewed. He could do all this in his usual ‘front porch’ manner that hardly ever felt like a golf lesson! Later my son and I would marvel at what we had learned, and the simplicity of the explanation..and so in that sentence is the genius of Tim Simpson! It matters little what sort of a ‘learner’ you are, or even what your handicap is, you will come away from Tim’s company a better golfer!”

Fred Funk – 8 PGA Tour Victories

“I’ve known Tim Simpson since I arrived on tour in 1989. We have developed a great friendship early in my career when he showed interest in my development as a player. Tim’s personality and knowledge of the game plus all his experience of playing at the highest level gives him a great platform. He loves to share stories allowing an insight to the game and life. I know people would really enjoy sharing time with Tim and at the same time learn a lot about the game.”

Dave Stockton – PGA Tour Professional

“Tim Simpson and I have been friends since my days on the PGA Tour. Besides being a wonderful player, Tim always has understood the entire game of golf from a teaching perspective. Early on, he understood the long game but also gained a perception of how to teach the short game as well. Like myself, he will enjoy the satisfaction of his next career, that of helping golfers through clinics, outings or individual lessons.”

Butch Willhelm – Tim’s Golf Caddie

In all my years as a PGA Professional and tour caddie, I have never seen or worked for a more consistent striker of the golf ball than Tim Simpson. Tim is one of the best drivers of the golf ball I have ever seen. He has always been ranked high in the driving accuracy statistics on every tour that he has played due to his simple, always on plane golf swing combined with his ability to focus on his target.

Tim’s laser like iron shots has always impressed his fellow tour players also. He consistently strikes his irons more solid than most tour players which gave Tim the ability to shoot at pins that most players would shoot away from. Tim’s solid contact of the golf ball along with his trust in his ability has made him one of the best iron players in the history of the game.

Tim’s knowledge of the game of golf and simple minded approach makes Tim a great teacher of the game also. He enjoys working with all players from beginners to tour level players. I have been involved with Tim in various demonstrations and clinics over the years. He loves sharing his experiences and knowledge in the game through enjoyable stories along with motivating people to strive to be their best with the same determination and the never give up attitude that he has displayed throughout his professional career.

Art Kraft – Tim Simpson’s Golf Teacher

From the man that knew Tim’s potential at a very young age

Tim Simpson, without question, is the most dedicated student I have ever had the pleasure of working with. When Tim and I first met, forty one years ago, he was only 14 years old. I quickly realized that this young man had his head on straight and knew exactly what he wanted. Settling for mediocrity was not an option with Tim when it came to Golf. He would never be accused of doing anything half-hearted or lacking the determination to excel.

The post office slogan, “Neither snow nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” So it was with Tim and his golf. He had an unwavering dedication to his appointed task. It really didn’t matter what the weather was with the exception of a lightning storm, Tim was going to get in his time on the practice range. I can still see him hitting out of the greenside practice bunker with it raining and sleeting. He would not stop until he had holed a certain number of shots.

Through the years we worked on refining and shaping Tim’s swing fundamentals. We always sought for perfection on the basic fundamental s of grip, posture, ball position and swing plane. For the most part, the same held true when Tim would come home off the tour, we still worked on basic fundamentals. Occasionally, he would slip into some faulty alignments and we would make the corrections and everything would begin to fall into place.

Alignment golf is power golf. Tim always wanted to keep it simple, and that simplicity of thought, that dedication to his basic fundamentals, was so very apparent in his consistent career. So often, as we worked together on the practice tee, I would say something about a position he was in and he would say, “I knew you were going to say that.” We seemed to always have an uncanny ability to communicate. Tim’s drive for perfection and simplicity in his golf ball striking placed him in an elite status for many years. He held the honor of “all time greens in regulation percentage” leader until a pretty good ball striker named Tiger Woods came along and passed him. Losing this crown was miniscule in the grand scheme of things to come in his life.

Tim always loved being in the woods during the off season. Hunting deer and enjoying the challenge of out smarting them. Unfortunately the hobby would expose Tim to the bite of deer ticks that carry the devastating “Lyme Disease”. Slowly but surely the disease took its toll on his nervous system. He soon was experiencing uncontrollable tremors in his left hand. By the time the disease was finally properly diagnosed it was too late, the damage had been done. The once supreme ball striker often found himself sticking a wedge in the ground due to the uncontrollable tremors. This disease eventually drove him off the tour.

Almost ten years passed during the prime of his career before he read about a baseball pitcher that had a similar experience in his career and had a brain operation that helped control the tremors. Tim’s desire and determination to return to the game he loved so dearly drove him to pursue the most dangerous of operations. It could possibly leave him in a vegetative state if it failed.

The operation lasted ten hours with Tim conscious the whole time. While Tim was still on the operating table, the doctor placed a putter in Tim’s left hand and the hand began to shake, but as the doctor tapped on his little remote control the shaking got less and less and finally subsided. He had just been given a new lease on life and another chance at the game he so dearly loved. Tim made a successful comeback on the Champions Tour where he competed from 2006 through 2011. Finishing 2nd twice and having numerous top ten finishes. As Tim’s teacher and close friend I am very proud of his accomplishments in our great game. I was fortunate to be present at both of Tim’s Hall of Fame inductions. The Georgia Sports Hall of fame and the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame. I could only reminisce with pride the saying that: “when one reaches the top of the mountain what he remembers is each step in his long journey.”

From Tim Simpson – Regarding Art Kraft

Art Kraft has taught me since the age of 14. We have worked together now for over forty years, and yet he never seems to amaze me with his knowledge of the golf swing as well as his keen eye for detail. We have such a close relationship that many times I know what he is thinking before he ever says a word. Before the age of computers and video where now a player can email his coach around the world and then discuss changes over the phone. Art knew my swing so well that if I was having a problem and called him he would say: “usually when the ball is doing such and such it usually comes from your tendency to do X.” Case in point the 1990 Walt Disney Classic.

After three rounds I was leading but yet my ball striking was a little bit off. I called Art and he suggested it was usually one of two things and then suggested that I go hit some balls and call him back. He was correct as always in his suggestion. The next day I went out and hit it great, and won the tournament. Throughout our lives we have forged a very deep friendship. He is the big brother I never had. My respect for him as both a teacher as well as a man is unquestionable. Arts’ strong Christian faith and quiet manner make him such a pleasure to be around. And his knowledge of the golf swing is truly astounding.

Arts’ humbleness and lack of ego have been evident numerous times over the years when I have sought a second opinion. He totally supported my working with Gardner Dickinson, Byron Nelson, as well as Sam Snead. Arts hopes for me have always been consistent; he wanted me to be the best player I could be and for me to reach my personal goals. Any way he could help me accomplish this he has always been there for me. Through hundreds of practice sessions over the years in the rain or cold he has never once complained. As happens sometimes in our lives something unforeseen happens. In my case after back-to-back years of being top ten on the PGA Tour money list in 1989 and 1990 my life and career would change forever.

In 1991 while turkey hunting after the Masters I contracted Lyme’s disease from numerous tick bites. My health and career declined dramatically to the point that I was no longer physically capable of competing on the PGA Tour any longer. In 1997 I retired from competition. In 2005 I had a brain surgery know as DBS, in hopes of possibly returning to competition on the Champions Tour. The surgery was successful and my left hand tremor was quieted. Through out my battle with Lyme’s disease, my retirement, subsequent brain surgery and then successful comeback to the Champions Tour, Art has always been there for me, both in prayer and as a friend. I have no doubt that had my career not been drastically cut short due to Lyme’s disease the name Art Kraft would be know world wide as one of the top golf teachers. In my eyes he is and always will be the best.

As renowned sports psychologist and friend Bob Rotella has told PGA Tour players for years: Tim Simpson is universally considered one of the greatest ball strikers in history and he still works with the same teacher he has always had. He has never been tempted to seek advice from the more highly publicized teachers. Art built my swing from the ground up, a swing that has always repeated through thick and thin. I have been told many times that I have as simple a swing plane as there ever was, and that my friends is the secret to consistent ball- striking! My success in my career can be largely credited to the solid fundamentals that Art has taught me over the years. He is the genius that built the racecar I just drive it. Art is still teaching in our native Georgia and can be reached at artkrft@yahoo.com or 678-362-3783.

Military and Wounded Warriors

Tim Simpson visiting soldiers in Iraq

Tim Simpson avidly supports the Military and Wounded Warriors of America. “My trip to Iraq was the greatest trip of my life, the dedication and professionalism of our troops was awe inspiring.”
-Tim Simpson

Jason Roberts – SSgt/USMC Retired

Jason Roberts back in the game and healthy!“I was injured in Afghanistan in August of 2009 by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) while in a vehicle. I was thrown from the vehicle and sustained injuries which eventually led to the amputation of my leg below the knee and other various injuries.

While engaged in rehabilitation at the Center For Intrepid (CFI) at Brooks Army Medical Center (BAMC), I was offered the opportunity to participate in the golf program they had there. In October of 2009, Troops First Foundation was putting on their First AnnualImprovised Explosive Day of Golf. I had not made it to the point in my rehab of getting a prosthetic, but was able to still participate.

I had the chance to play 9 holes of golf on one leg and crutches with Don Pooley. After the round of golf there was an awards ceremony and guest speaker dinner. I was still on IV antibiotics at this point in my rehab as well and during the guest speaking it was time for me to administer my medications. My wife and I went through the motions of getting it all prepared and started. After the function was over, Tim Simpson came up to my wife and I asking for a photo with us. I was taken back by a professional athelete wanting a photo with me.

Tim Simpson with Jason Roberts and familyThat weekend the Champions Tour was playing a tournament in San Antonio and the CFI had tickets for all the wounded military and their family to attend. My wife and I decided we would follow Tim around the course and watch him play after such an amazing exchange the day prior. Over the course of the tournament between shots we spoke with Tim and had the chance to meet his wife as well. For all three days we walked, I crutched, around spending time getting to know our first professional athlete on a personal level. By the end of the tournament we had exchanged contact information and our relationship grew from there.

Keeping in contact, speaking on almost a daily basis, we discussed everything from shooting, military, golf and life. Tim also had an up an coming tip to Iraq as a part of Troops First Foundation’s “Operation Proper Exit.” His love and support of our men and women in uniform is unquestioned. After returning from this trip he invited my wife and I to spend New

Jason the day Tim Simpson met him in 2009

Years with him and his familiy at his personal residence. We accepted and immediately began to feel like we were a part of the family.

Tim has become a big brother to me in many aspects of life. I help him grow his knowledge Jason Roberts healthyof shooting in his hunting and he coaches me on my golf swing.Through his teachings, after only playing golf since my rehab, I consistently shoot scores in the 80′s with the occasional 70′s. I have had the opportunity to play in a few tournaments, placing tied for 6th in the President Bush Warrior Open, and aiding the American team in a win during the Courage Cup Event against British wounded military winning all my events. My golf game could not have progressed at such a rapid rate without his decades of knowledge aiding me along.

The experience I had to meet Tim has been one that has changed my life and has shown me a sport I can play for the rest of my life without fear of injuring myself any further. He has made a frustrating sport to all of us easier and more enjoyable to play. The relationship we have built and the connection we share to the love of this country and our military will continue to grow.”

Levi Rodgers – Retired Army Special Forces Warrant Officer

“Thanks’ to a Couple Great Human Beings”
Levi RodgersMy name is Chief Warrant Officer Two (Retired) Levi Rodgers; I am a retired Army Special Forces Warrant Officer (Green Beret). While conducting Special Operations in western Afghanistan, I was serving as the Commander of a Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha or better known as an A-Team, my unit was attacked by an Improvised Explosive Device resulting in the death of four of my teammates. I was severely wounded by the blast and was in a medically induced coma for over a month, severely burned, fractured nearly every bone in my body, and participated in a long limb salvage program to save my left leg.

Approximately one month after I awoke from a coma and was recovering from my wounds, there was a visit at Broke Army Medical Center by some Professional Golfers. I was asked by the public affairs representative if I would like to visit with one of them…. my response was: “Sure what the hell, I really don’t even give a damn about the sport, but okay”. Keep in mind I just found out the four of my men were brutally murdered and that my wife and kids had been living across the street from the hospital in a hotel for a couple months.

In walked Tim Simpson and his wife Leigh Anne. At the time, I had no idea who Tim was, but I was proud to know that everyday Americans and Professional Athletes like Tim Simpson cared enough to come and visit our war wounded. After building initial rapport with Tim and his wife, the conversation grew and so did the visit. This visit flourished into a wonderful friendship today. Tim and his wife had such a kind heart that day in the hospital; I am so appreciative of their efforts on and off the golf course.

About one year later, Tim and I met up again. This time it was at the AT&T Championship in San Antonio, TX. Tim was once again the humble golf professional, he took me and introduced me to many other golf professionals and got me autographs. This was a day in which Tim spent all day with me and taught me the game of golf. You see the last time we met, it was in a hospital room, and this time he had the opportunity to teach me how to golf. How amazing! The next couple of days had come and it as time for the actual tournament and Tim got me behind the ropes.

Levi Rodgers saying goodbye to his kids before he deployed on a mission that wounded him

This was an experience that people would have paid thousands of dollars for. Right before he tee’s off…he stops and gets everyone’s attention and with a loud boisterous voice he proclaims that everyone watching should be paying attention not to him, but to me, as I was the one person on the golf course that day whom should be respected and followed. Tim’s words that day affected me forever… he is a true and genuine human being. I have spent about 15 years mastering the art of Human Intelligence; I know when someone is genuine…

Tim Simpson is the total package and he damn sure knows how to overcome adversity and relate to folks like myself. As the day continued, I was behind the ropes of the course and conversing with three professional golfers in a live PGA event. This was just an absolute amazing experience!”

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